Friday, 15 April 2011

Diary of a TA Trainer - issue 1

My name is Lynda Tongue, and I am a Learning and Development Consultant and a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational field).

To celebrate the launch of my new website I have decided to write a regular piece as a blog which aims to give information along personal development themes, and to encourage interest in Developmental Transactional Analysis.

Some time ago I sent into the ether via Blogspot a couple of blogs to “test the water”. And since then I have noticed a reluctance to commit myself to regular offerings. I wonder why? Is it because I have not had time? Or is it because I have some hesitation about how it will be received? Probably the latter. What if nobody reads it? I have one follower so far (thank you Amalia in Romania!), but I hope that following will grow because I have a mission: to introduce the tools and concepts of a psychological framework called Transactional Analysis to a wider audience. Well, as wide an audience as I can reach – the world wide web should do it!

Is anybody interested? Well, Amalia is, so I am going to continue!

I run leadership development programmes in organisations and I always introduce the framework of a psychological approach to communication called Transactional Analysis. I run workshops for trainers and coaches, or anybody who has a desire for personal development, and I also provide a qualifications route for those who want to qualify as Transactional Analysts.

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory of personality, a theory of child development and a powerful communications tool which can be used to enhance relationships. For more information, visit the website:

I have just had a challenging and interesting two days working with a group from a manufacturing organisation. The contract with the organisation broadly speaking was for personal development and to enhance communications within the team. A launch of the four day programme had taken place two weeks before the first day of the programme. The launch (a two hour session), gives us all a chance to get to know each other, and for participants to ask questions.

The Launch is designed to help with the Time Structuring process – so I was rather surprised when the contracting session with the group on Day 1 was a rather difficult and protracted process. The group did not want to be there!

Now this is not exactly an unknown situation for me – people arrive on training courses often feeling worried, or confused as to why they were asked to attend – or even feeling scared as to what this might entail.

I normally manage the process with appropriate use of Ego States – some Parent to offer protection and reassurance and some Natural Child to encourage engagement with the group. I could see some of the participants relaxing and looking more comfortable, but a couple of people brought their Rebellious Child out to play …….. and they continued to play for two days, really challenging my ability to stay grounded in my Internal Adult!

I had various options which I considered, and I chose to confront appropriately and firmly, addressing the contract and being mindful of the other participants who definitely were there to learn.

And it started me thinking once again about how we can put barriers in the way of our own progress, and stop ourselves from seizing opportunities for development when they present themselves. But more of that in a future blog …….

I finished the couple of days feeling as though I had been challenged, but also looking forward to Module 2 when we will be looking at Discounting, Games, and Ego States.

Perhaps the individuals concerned will find something useful to apply to themselves and their lives – or maybe I will finish the module realising that just because I find the personal insights TA brings me are enriching, life enhancing and just downright practical – not everybody feels the same!

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  1. Useful blog Lynda. I am also interested in promoting TA in Ed & Org fields. I want to focus the ITA on promotion and it looks like you have lots of ideas. We should talk.